Social Security Disability

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Filing a Social Security disability claim can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Attorney James Hoffman has the experience to walk you through the process and help you address any obstacles that may arise before and after your claim is processed. Contact the Law Offices of James P. Hoffman to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your Social Security Disability (SSDI) questions.

How Do I Know If I Qualify For SSDI?

To get access to Social Security Disability benefits, you must file a claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA will consider several factors to determine whether you are eligible for social security.

The SSA works with your state’s Disability Determination Services office to decide whether or not you meet the proper disability criteria. Disability Determination Services will be responsible for collecting medical evidence of your disability and returning their decision to the SSA for the consideration of benefits.

You may be considered disabled if your injury resulted in one or more of the following situations.

  • You are unable to do the job you had before your injury or illness.
  • You are unable to perform other job duties, preventing you from finding work elsewhere.
  • You have been affected by your disability for 12 continuous months.

The SSA’s list of medical conditions that may qualify you for benefits is extensive but not exhaustive. If your illness or injury is not on their list, you may still be able to qualify for benefits under the right circumstances.

How Can An Attorney Help Me?

Attorney James Hoffman has handled Social Security Disability cases in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois for three decades. Mr. Hoffman can guide you through the initial claims application process and help you file a strong claim in a timely manner.

Not every disability claim will be accepted. Fortunately, a denied claim can be appealed. The Law Offices of James P. Hoffman can help explain why your claim was denied and guide you through preparing the necessary paperwork for an appeal. Many appeals are resolved after a request for reconsideration, but our legal team will represent you in front of the SSA Appeals Council or in federal court if necessary.

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